Vampire Girl
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Jonathan Richman's Vampire Girl song is on YouTube, if you haven't heard it yet... then maybe you shouldn't, otherwise, it may get stuck in your head like it did me, but if you have heard it before, go ahead, listen to it again.

Below is a rough sketch from sort of a "deleted scene" that would have taken place between Strip VIII (January 26, 2012) and Strip IX (February 2, 2012). Basically, there's a bit more discussion between Levana and the Wizard regarding her urges for blood which eventually leads to the suggestion of her no longer being a vampire altogether; this would've been the "joke" of the strip:

I decided not to work the overall sequence into a strip because it stalled the storyflow, and I wanted to spare people of another moment of breaking the fourth wall.


And this is a rough sketch of the alternate version of the events of that would have taken place in Strip XIV (March 8, 2012), where Vampire Hunter and Goofy Idiot Sidekick do, indeed, penetrate the hospital, and do actually subdue Levana, which leads to this right here...

Subsequently, Vampire Hunter had to help Goofy Idiot Sidekick figure how to turn the safety off, which allows Levana to make a break for it; they get the safety turned off and Goofy Idiot Sidekick accidentally douses Vampire Hunter, resulting in his "cause of death" as "accidental drowning". Moments later, Goofy Idiot Sidekick would die from choking on a ham sandwich in the cafeteria. And you thought them dying was already ridiculous.

Before Levana was given her own webcomic miniseries, she already existed in the form of artwork, here are two pieces that were done before the comic was launched:
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I recently did a promotional poster for the comic, in two different versions, which you can see by clicking the thumbnails and viewing them: